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Weight percent w/w, w/v, v/v %- Percentage Concentration

Weight percent w/w, w/v, v/v %

weight per weight (W/W), weight per volume (W/V), volume per volume (V/V) meanings and how to use it in chemistry

w/w , w/v, v/v %

These variations on percentage concentration are used in chemistry and biology when making up solutions and have the following meanings.

% w/w
weight per weight: used where the weight of each chemical is used and not the volume (e.g. If I dissolve 10 g of fat in 90 g ethanol so the total mass of the whole solution is 100 g, then I have made a 10% w/w solution of fat)

% w/v
weight per volume: used where a solid chemical is dissolved in a liquid (e.g. if I dissolve 10 g of table salt, sodium chloride, to make up a total volume of 100 mL of a solution then I have made a 10% w/v solution of sodium chloride)

% v/v
volume per volume: used where both chemicals are liquids (e.g. if I dilute 50 mL of acetic acid by adding it to 50 mL of water there is now 50 mL of acetic acid in a total volume of 100 mL, hence the acetic acid concentration is now 50% v/v

% volume per volume (v/v), % weight per volume (w/v) and % weight per weight (w/w)


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