In this site we focused on the the areas of science incluod analytical chemisty, general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and spectroscopy.(Online Chemistry Dictionary )

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Bachelor of Arts in Science - College chemistry online

Bachelor of Arts in Science (5-12 Chemistry) - Teacher Licensure

Western Governors University
Cost $28,415 If you are looking for an online degree program that will aid you in developing a solid understanding of the building blocks of science, which are required for becoming a chemistry teacher, then the online Bachelor of Arts in Science (5-12 Chemistry) degree program is the right one for you.
This is an excellent degree program for any individual who is looking for a program that will offer them a bachelor's degree, which will certify them to teach high school chemistry.
This online teacher certification degree program offers students an opportunity to develop the understanding and skills that are required for becoming a qualified chemistry teacher, and will cover a variety of topics including:
General science
Advanced chemistry
Teaching methods
In the online chemistry degree program from WGU students will complete an actual classroom setting and home science lab; this program is perfect for unlicensed substitute teachers, retired military, and career changers who feel the call to teach.