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Spectrum and Spectroscopy

Spectrum and Spectroscopy

(a). Different colors observed when the white light was dispersed through the prism
(b). The changing of light intensity as a function of frequency

Spectroscopy: Study of spectrum, to identify substances
In the past, the word spectrum was introduced into the area of optics at first, referring to the range of colors observed when white light was dispersed through a prism. Soon after that, a spectral density or spectrum is also known as the term referred to a plot of light intensity or power as a function of frequency or wavelength. Spectroscopy is the study of spectrum, study of the interaction between radiation , for identifying the substances through the spectrum emitted from or absorbed by them. 

Live remote operated Spectrograph controll - Universe's finger prints –Spectroscopy
 -Chemical and Biological detection Professor: Nam Sun Wang - Haimo Liu