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Determination of Barium: Direct Titration using Methyl Thymol Blue as indicator

Determination of Barium: Direct Titration using Methyl Thymol Blue as indicator

can you determine the barium ion by EDTA titration
determine the concentration of barium ions in a solution by direct titration with methyl thymol blue 
you can determine the barium ion in sulfate by determination of barium sulfate,determination of barium sulphate, determination of barium in water and determination of barium in drinking water by this method
determination of barium


Complexometric titration of Barium(II) ions directly with EDTA can only be
effected in alkaline solution since the complex is broken down in acidic media. Methyl
Thymol Blue is used as indicator which is grey when it is free (H4ln) and blue when
complexed with Barium.


1- Barium ions solution (analyte)
2- 1M sodium hydroxide solution (pH 12)
3- Methyl Thymol Blue indicator 
4- 0.01 M EDTA solution


1- Pipette 25.0 mL of Barium ions solution into a 250.0 mL and dilute to about
100mL with de-ionised water. Adjust the pH of the solution to 12 by the
addition of 3-6 mL of 1M sodium hydroxide solution.
2- Add 50 mg of methyl thymol blue indicator.
3- Titrate with 0.01 M EDTA until the color changes from blue to grey. Record
the used volume (as VEDTA).
4- Repeat the titration twice

Atomic weight of Barium = 137.34 g/mol