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Aluminum Alloys, 2017-T3, 2024-T2, -T3, -T4

Aluminum Alloy, 2017-T3

Aluminum alloy has copper as its major alloying element and is one of the wrought alloys. 
Aluminum Alloy 2017-T3 contains 
4.0% Cu, 0.7% Mn, 0.6% Mg, 0.5% Si, with the balance being aluminum. 
The T3 heat treatment requires furnace solution heat treatment followed by a quench to room temperature and cold work.
Aluminum Alloy

The Aluminum Alloy has an ultimate tensile strength of about 300 MPa, yield stress in the tension of 165 MPa, and elongation in 50 mm of 27%.

 Aluminum Alloys, 2024-T2, -T3, -T4 

The 2000 series of aluminum alloys have copper as the major alloying element, and the Tn designation is associated with the heat treatment. 
Aluminum Alloy 2024 contains 
The nominal composition is 4.4%Cu, 0.6% Mn, 1.5% Mg, in an aluminum matrix. T2 signifies an alloy that has been cooled from the single-phase condition to room temperature, cold worked, and naturally aged; T3 is an alloy of the same composition that has been furnace solution heat-treated, quenched to room temperature, and cold-worked; for the T4 alloy furnace solution heat treatment is followed by quenching and natural aging.

For 2024-T3: UTS = 485 MPa, Tensile yield stress = 345MPa, 
Elongation in 50 mm = 18%

For 2024-T4: UTS = 470 MPa, Tensile yield stress = 325 MPa, 
Elongation in 50 mm = 20%

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