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homogeneous mixture definition chemistry

Homogeneous mixture definition chemistry

In this lesson, you can learn more details about a homogeneous mixture, homogeneous pure substance, examples of mixtures and what is the difference between a solution and a mixture

First of all, what is the homogeneous definition chemistry?

Homogeneously is Latin for "the same kind".we called the homogeneous substance if it contains only one type of compound or one element or uniform composition of the mixture.

Many examples of homogeneous pure substances and compounds, such as metals, pure Ni, Al, Fe, Si,....  which contains the only one atom. On the other hand, the compounds which have more than elements like solid salts NaOH, NaCl, ....and so on, or liquid solutions like water, HCl.
Now, we know what is homogenous in chemistry, but Which is a homogeneous mixture?

homogeneous mixture chemistry

Definition of a homogeneous mixture in chemistry:
           A mixture which has uniform composition and properties throughout. 
In other words, the homogeneous mixture is defined as a combination of two or more pure chemical substances in which the original substances retain their chemical properties. 
Many students ask us, which is an example of a homogeneous mixture? we answer this question in the next paragraph.

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Homogeneous mixture definition chemistry example:

Air is containing a mixture of gases like N2, O2. H2O that is considered a homogeneous mixture of gasses. also, If the combination of two chemical substance like NaCl and H2O were mixed together for forming a  homogeneous mixture solution or aqueous solution, anther clear example of homogeneous mixtures, when we add NaCl solution or solid to KCl solution or solid the new solution or solid is produced which have the same chemical properties, that is direct us to ask ourselves:  

What is the difference between a solution and a mixture? 
Actually, the solution is a type of mixture, but we can say solution on a mixed of salt with water, we can't say the solution on a mixed of salts or different liquids.

On the other hand, now, you are able to know what the homogeneous mixture meaning. 

In the next post, we will add more details about a homogeneous Catalyst and a homogeneous Equilibrium  

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